Terms of use

This page describes conditions of a legal nature that apply to any surfer visiting the Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage site or that of its subsidiaries or associated entities (hereinafter "the Sites"). By visiting these Sites, you unreservedly agree to respect them.

  1. Web Agency
    This Site has been created by « LORWEB » - www.lorweb.com
    It is the exclusive property of Fabricom Systèmes d'Assemblage
  2. Nature of the Information
    Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage and its subsidiaries or associated entities (hereinafter "the Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage Group") have created these Sites for the personal information of their users. Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage will take every possible care to ensure that the information published on these Sites is accurate and up to date and reserves the right to amend content at any time and without prior notice. However, Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage cannot guarantee the accuracy, precision, updated or exhaustive nature of information provided on the Sites. Each surfer is deemed wholly responsible for the risks associated with the credibility he allocates to such information.
    Therefore, Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage declines any liability in respect of:
    - any lack of precision, any inaccuracy or omission arising in connection with the information available on the Sites;
    - any damage ensuing on third party hacking resulting in changes to the information or items made available on the Sites;
    - and more generally, any damage whether direct or indirect regardless of cause, source, nature or consequences whatsoever even when Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage may have been advised of the possibilityof such damages generated by (i) access by any person whomsoever to the Sites or the inability to access said Sites, (ii) the use of these Sites, inclusive of any damage or virus that could infect your computer equipment or any other property, and/or (iii) the credibility invested in any information provided directly or indirectly by the Sites.
    Elements on the Sites or on any other site are supplied "as found" without any guarantee of any nature whatsoever, whether implicit or explicit. Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage offers no guarantee, whether implicit or explicit, in respect of, without this being exhaustive, their value or appropriateness for a given purpose.
    Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage categorically rejects any interpretation designed to assimilate the content of the Sites to offers to purchase or to encourage the purchase of shares or any other Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage stocks whether or not quoted, in either of its direct subsidiaries or in its associated companies.
    Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage companies exist independently in their own legal right and enjoy their own independent juridical personality; however in the Sites, the terms "Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage", “Fabricom”, “FSA”, "group" or "we/us", are occasionally used to refer to all Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage companies or when there is no point in identifying any specific company within the group.
  3. Intellectual property

    3.1 - Copyright

    All information featured on the sites (documents contained in the site as well as any elements created for the site) are the property of Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage or of its subsidiaries or associated entities and are covered by copyright laws through being made available to the public on the site. Copies of documents featured on the sites can only be made for information purposes and exclusively for private use. No licence, nor any other right save that of visiting the sites, is granted to anybody whomsoever with regard to intellectual property rights. Documents featured on the sites may be reproduced exclusively for use as personal and private information: any copies or use of copies made for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.
    Image credits: GDF Suez, Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage, LORWEB.

    3.2 - Distinctive signs
    Unless otherwise specified, company styles, logos, products and brand names quoted on the sites are the property of Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage. They may not be used without Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage’s prior written consent.
  4. Nominative information and other information
    According to the "Personal Data Protection" law of the 6th January 1978, you have the right to access, modify, amend and delete your personal data. For this purpose, you only need to submit your request:
    By e-mail: [email protected]
    By postal mail:
    Fabricom Systèmes d'Assemblage
    Direction de la communication
    5 rue de la Renaissance
    F-92160 ANTONY
  5. Hypertext links
    Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage formally declines any responsibility for the content of other Sites for which Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage sites provide links. These links are provided to users of the Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage Sites as a service. You are exclusively responsible for the decision to activate these links. Additionally, you are responsible for taking all necessary precautions to avoid contaminating the Sites by, in particular, one or more viruses.
  6. Warning about information of a temporary nature
    Group Sites may feature some non-historic data providing statements that are of a temporary nature and particularly prospective statements on events, trends, future plans or objectives. These statements are based on current management views and assumptions and are subject to significant risks and contingencies likely to generate a considerable difference between actual results and those contained explicitly or implicitly in these statements (or earlier results).