• 21-12-2017 - JR Automation Acquires FSA Systemes d’Assemblage

    JR Automation, a leading provider of intelligent automated manufacturing technology solutions headquartered in Holland, Michigan, announced today that it has acquired Doerfer Corporation’s automation systems group (comprised of Advanced Automation, Wright Industries, FSA Systemes d’Assemblage, FSA Romania, PSB Technologies and equity interests in Beijing BYJC-Fabricom Assembly Line Co., Ltd.). View Press Release

    2013/08/02- Creation of FSA ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Company, 100% owned company. Contact : Flat No 101, Amritsiddhi Apartments. 411030 PUNE INDE. +91 9822055442. 722 AB, Navi Peth
  • 14-04-2009 - Development of MelodieWeb, upgrade of our line supervisor and production monitoring software

    From January 2010, the main and long-awaited upgrade of Melodie ® will enable the management of several manufacturing lines. Moreover, thanks to its "web" interface, the software will be available from any work stations of the company.
    This upgrade relies on the latest Microsoft .NET technologies, as well as on the feedback of more than 100 Melodie ® running in our clients plants.
  • 30-09-2008 - Merger of GDF SUEZ

    Following the merger of SUEZ with GDF, effective since July 22d 2008, the Branch “SUEZ Energy Services” to which belonged Fabricom Systèmes d’Assemblage now become “GDF SUEZ Energy Services”.
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